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Mexican Artists: Insights into the young Mexican cultural scene.

Mexican Artists: Insights into the young Mexican cultural scene

Mexican Artists: Insights into the young Mexican cultural scene

Mexico - the land of artists

The country of origin of the Padre Tequila not only offers an excellent breeding ground for the blue agave, but also harbors an incredible creative force.

Mexico is proud of its art: great personalities such as Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera were from here, and numerous international artists have also drawn inspiration from the land of tequila. But the future belongs to them: Mexico's young creatives.


A creative scene that is second to none

The Mexican creative scene is shaped by the country's incredibly rich culture: vibrant and alive, magical and touching, passionate and full of inspiration and drive. It is a world all its own that opens up to the curious observer here.

Being an artist is a vocation, and making a living as an artist is all too often a challenge, since it is not a classic bread-and-butter profession. The current situation demands a lot from the art scene. Not least for young artists who are just beginning their creative work, the "public shutdown" is putting additional boulders in what is usually a rocky road.

In the coming weeks, we will therefore present some exceptional talents and in this way offer young Mexican artists a platform on which their art can be made accessible to an international audience. In this way, we would like to make our contribution to bringing the rich Mexican culture out into the world - because we cannot and do not want to deprive you of it!

                                                  We start with an exceptional talent: the young artist Aram Cortes

Aram Cortes Art

Magical works that enchant.

At the tender age of 13, Aram Cortes was initiated into "the art of art". Since then, he rarely puts down his paintbrush. His love of art led him to the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, where he learned the craft of graphic design.

The young artist skillfully conjures up magical stories on the canvas, dissects reality as we know it into individual fragments and recombines them, putting them together in otherworldly-looking, sophisticated plays of color, evoking memories of long-forgotten traditions.


In surrealistic scenes, Aram Cortes brings his feelings and passion to the canvas, processes past experiences and, through an interplay of vivid colors, perfect compositions and a combination of light and shadow, grants the viewer an insight into his world of thoughts, in his own individual, unmistakable way.

Behind the magical works is a determined and disciplined, at the same time risk-taking and spontaneous authentic young man, whose works have already been shown in renowned museums in South Korea, France, Colombia, the USA, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. Aram Cortes has received numerous awards from important Mexican media in recent years.


We are certain: a bright future awaits the promising young artist Aram Cortes with a permanent place in the Mexican art scene.

Want to see more of Aram Cortes' work? Visit his pages on Instagram and Facebook: