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Now available: Mask for mouth and nose from Padre Azul

We were all caught off guard by the corona crisis. There is barely anybody whose everyday life hasn’t been turned upside down from one day to the other. The past few weeks left their marks on us too. But we have been keeping our tails up and trying to make the best out of it. The result? Our very own masks for mouth and nose!

We stick together

At our site in Jalisco, Mexico, we employ our team the whole year through. Every single one of them is part of our Padre Azul family, and every single one makes us what we are. That made it even worse for us when we realized that in April we wouldn’t be able to keep our production up as usual. Closing our doors and sending our employees home? That wasn’t really an option. We needed an alternative – and quickly. How could we retain all of our employees and keep them busy while our production was on pause? In times of Covid-19 the right idea did not take long in coming: We would sew face masks!

From wrestling mask to face mask

Here we usually sew the leather jackets with the characteristic lacing for our Padre Azul bottles, a tribute to the Mexican “Lucha Libre” wrestling masks and to “El Santo”, the most famous luchador in Mexico. But right now “usual” isn’t really the word to describe the situation. And that’s why our sewing team doesn’t recreate wrestling masks now, but a pretty different kind of mask.

Our Padre Azul masks for mouth and nose

If we do something, we do it properly – this not only applies to our Padre Tequila. It seems like face masks will accompany us for a while. If we have to wear them anyway, then let us do so at least with style. And that’s how our very own mask with our legendary “Ramón” was born.

The reusable mask for mouth and nose doesn’t protect the person wearing it from infections, but reduces the risk of transmitting pathogens to others. This type of mask promotes a mindfulapproach to each other and helps strengthening the awareness of “social distancing” – both incrediblyimportant right now.

Like that we found a way to keep our Padre Azul family together and create something useful while we were at it, true to the saying “We will either find a way or make one!”

The mask for mouth and nose will now be delivered as a present with each 0.70 l bottle Padre Tequila, or can be ordered individually in our online shop.