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Padre Azul at Difford’s Guide

High quality article about our high quality tequila

Simon Difford from the prestigious Difford's Guide visited our production facility in Amatitán, Mexico. There, he threw a glance over our shoulder at the production of our first-class Padre Tequila. The result: a carefully researched article in which the expert gives the reader an interesting insight into the making of Padre Azul. Thank you for your visit Simon, it was an honor!

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The Diffords Guide for discerning drinkers

Founded in 2001 by Simon Difford, the family owned Difford's Guide has become the world's largest and most visited website on the subject of drinks and is regarded as the ultimate reference work for discerning connoisseurs. Fun Fact: Although the official brand name is Difford's Guide, the actual name of the company is Odd Firm of Sin Ltd - an anagram of the name Simon Difford.