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Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo: exclusive & simply magical

No matter whether Blanco, Reposado or Añejo: Padre Azul will always offer you the finest quality. With our Cristalino Añejo we have again succeeded in creating an unparalleled high-quality tequila, crystal clear in the glass and surprisingly smooth on the palate. This edition is limited to only 1,000 bottles and definitely lives up to what its luxurious appearance promises.

But there is even more to it: Padre Azul is committed to carrying the Mexican way of life into the world. And we want to give something back, too – not least because of our deep connection to Mexican culture and heritage. With our high-quality tequila, we build bridges between countries and cultures, and we support local people. How? By choosing the traditional way over mass production and by selecting our partners wisely.

Crystal clear tequila, limited to 1,000 precious bottles

The Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo is truly a piece of art: Limited to only 1,000 uniquely numbered bottles, each filled with 100% blue agave tequila of the finest quality and turned into a precious designer item by a unique Swarovski skull, crafted exclusively for Padre Azul.

In order to create our luxurious Cristalino Añejo, we use a special process to remove the natural color of our tequila. The result is a crystal clear super premium tequila that will win you over with its maturity and magical composition of exquisite aromas. And once the Cristalino bottle is empty, it remains a beautiful collector’s piece that will set any tequila aficionado’s heart aflutter.

Indulgence for a good cause: How Padre Azul adds social value to high-end premium tequila

The beautiful, entirely handmade Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo bottle was designed by the Mexican design label Prison Art, an NGO that supports the reintegration of former prisoners into society through creative artwork.

The Prison Art Project is a nonprofit organization in Mexico City that seeks to train and employ people while in prison and offers them employment after their release. Most employers in Mexico require a clean criminal record, therefore former prisoners often struggle to provide for their families. After spending 11 months in prison before being declared innocent, the founder of the label, Jorge Cueto, developed a great understanding for the distress that many of the incarcerated individuals experience. Therefore, he decided to help.

The Prison Art Project allows former prisoners to make a fresh start in an inspiring environment, free of prejudices and full of creative possibilities. And do they know what they are doing – with their Cristalino Añejo bottle Prison Art created a wonderful piece of art, just perfect for our high-end premium tequila.

Keeping traditions alive

We produce all our tequila, including the Cristalino Añejo, the traditional way: Our agaves are harvested traditionally by jimadores, Mexican farmers specialized in the cultivation of the Blue Agave. We do the cooking of our agaves in hand-made mamposterías, traditional Mexican ovens made of masonry. Furthermore, we do not use artificial yeasts of any kind for the fermentation. In this way we create not only an unparalleled premium tequila but also a working environment that allow people in Mexico to keep the traditional way of tequila production alive while having a secure job with fair working conditions.

We are proud of our tequila, and of the way we produce it. With Padre Azul, we pay homage to the Mexican culture and heritage. And, equally important, we carry the Mexican way of life into the world, making high quality tequila accessible to people outside the country.

Our Cristalino Añejo is another Padre Azul masterpiece, a very special and exclusive piece of art, both inside and outside, and we are proud to share it with you.