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Party- Padre Azul Destination - London - Premium Tequila.

Padre Azul Destination - London

Padre Azul sponsors a beautiful night in London, on the 28th floor of Millbank tower in Westminster London. Guest were amongst the first in London to taste the Super Premium Tequila in all of the UK.

DISTRACTION is a new experiential club night that explores the blurred lines between our perceived reality and the distractions that prevent us from connecting with one another. We take our guests on a journey through dance music from Disco to House and Techno whilst exposing our guests to new art installation pieces and live music performances.

Distraction aims to bring new experiences to an invite only party that aims to partner with Padre Azul again and some very exciting partners for the official launch party night this fall in London. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date.