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Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger: The Deal-Maker. Padre Azul Ambassador.

Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger: The Deal-Maker

Photo: OOOM Magazin

It is interesting that you participated in a Tequila brand from Austria. Austria stands for good white wine rather than for tequila. Have people like George Clooney been a role model who has shown that turning a tequila company into a billion-dollar company? Or did you just find the tequila so good?

The comparison with George Clooney comes often and I am honored by this comparison. George is a cool guy. However, there is only one George Clooney with that coolness factor, brand-wise, and brand-wise, his company has done everything right. The trend is worldwide in the Tequila rail. And of course that was one reason why I said I wanted to be there. At Padre azul the team is great, it’s a great brand, the tequila tastes fantastic, and that makes it fun to be a partner.