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Sounds of Valley Sessions: worldwide first AGAVE Spirits DJ Videos - Part 2 - Morning Sunrise - THALAMO

Sounds of Valley Sessions: worldwide first AGAVE Spirits DJ Videos

Anybody who has ever visited our site in Jalisco, Mexico, will confirm: Our agave plantations are a magical place. Sheer endless fields and hills as far as the eye can see, and our Blue Agaves, soaking up the hot Mexican sun, growing quietly in the beautiful valley of Amatitán.

This summer, the silence in this somewhat surreal and by all means exceptional scenery was disrupted in a rather unusual way: Our quiet agave fields served as a location for the very first Sounds of valley performances!

Taking music streaming to the next level

The project Sounds of valley was born out of the desire to join like-minded DJs with similar backgrounds and taste in music, aimed to create perfect conditions for a creative exchange that would take the audience on a magical journey full of sounds and beats.

The founders of Sounds of valley, Flor Capistran and Dogma Estudio, have made it their goal to always invite a special guest that would not only match the project but also enrich it by adding his or her individual touch.

Like so many other areas, the music scene was obviously turned upside down as well by the global pandemic. All of a sudden, performing in front of an audience was unthinkable. For DJs, streaming became the only way to express themselves and to share their art with the public. And that’s how Sounds of valley was brought into being. Dogma Estudio’s idea was to take music streaming to the next level, to offer a very special experience that lets the audience dive into the music and makes it enjoy the performances of the DJs to the maximum, all while from a safe distance. On their initiative, several outstanding artists joined forces in order to create streams that are out of the ordinary. This is as far as it gets from typical living room streams. In different sessions, Sounds of Valley takes you to special locations and fills them with music, creating a magical atmosphere that makes you almost forget where you are.

Sounds of valley meets Padre Azul in Amatitán

Given the exceptional nature of the project Sounds of valley, we are proud our fields in Amatitán have been chosen as a location for this event. For one full day, a group of outstanding DJs transformed our agave fields into a huge open air stage, immersing them in a sea of sounds and beats.

The first performance, however, won’t take place in our fields, but at another very special place: our Padre cellar, next to the bourbon oak barrels with our future Padre Azul Reposado and Añejo.

Enjoy the Mexican sunrise with Thalamo

Juan Carlos González aka Thalamo has been stirring up the music scene of Mexico for more than a decade now, performing at several legendary venues in his city Jalisco (like Kin Kin, Bar Américas, Casa Cobra, BMLS or Bismarck) and at different locations all over Mexico (Sayulita, Guanajuato or Tulum, among others). He was also invited to perform outside Mexico at different locations on the Balearic Islands. The founder and producer of the House of Mamba has worked on multidisciplinary projects before, developing a production in organic house and a futuristic-melodic techno, which has resulted in a production work edited since 2018, characterized by Thalamo’s individual style.

Instagram: @thalamomusic
Facebook: @thalamomusic