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Sound of valley. Agave field

Sounds of Valley Sessions: worldwide first AGAVE Spirits DJ Videos - Part 5 Sundownder Dogma


Sounds of Valley

Sounds of valley is a project that started with the restlessness to join dj friends that shared the same musical taste and backgrounds and could generate a joint atmosphere that would take us to a sonorus trip. This project was founded by Flor Capistran and Dogma Estudio with the task to always have a special guest that matched the project.

The idea behind

After watching the actual situation prevailing around the world in the pandemic and seeing that musical streams was the only form of expression to stay in the minds of the public, Dogma Estudio organizes this idea to collaborate in different sessions with these artists to finally join forces and create streams that are out of the ordinary, staying far from the typical living room streams and searching special locations that could bring special atmosphere all together, that is how Sounds of Valley was born.