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The “Día de Muertos” or “Día de los Muertos” is a colorful celebration of life and death- Padre Azul High-End Tequila.

Interview with the Manual


TM: How do you recommend drinking Padre Azul?

HP : For silver, we recommend first chilling to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then letting it air out in the glass for about 20 minutes to get the most flavors and aromas. Reposado, enjoy at around 64 degrees Fahrenheit and let it air out in the glass for about 20 minutes. And añejo the same, but chill to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

TM: You age your añejo longer than usual. Why and how long?

HP : It is aged for 18 months. This is because it gets smoother the longer it’s in the barrel and also can extract more flavors like coffee, burned caramel, caramelized nuts, and dried fruits.

TM: Many people associate tequila with cheap brands and cringe-worthy aftertastes. Is there a luxury tequila revolution taking place?

HP : I had the same experience. I wasn’t familiar with such a high-quality tequila when I first visited Mexico. Certain brands destroyed the reputation of tequila completely and that’s why we started our endeavor —to be a part of the tequila revolution! We are discovering the true value of tequila as a luxury spirit and we are bringing our product around the world. I truly believe luxury tequila is the next big thing in the spirits business … Which other spirit do you know of where the original plant grows for eight years?

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