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Cigar night Graz- Padre Azul High-End Tequila.

Modern Day Campfire at the Beverly Hills Hotel

World renowned for over 107 years, The Beverly Hills Hotel provided a magnificent backdrop for Daniel Marshall’s Modern Day Campfire Experience, hosted by Marshall and co-host Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger, of Padre azul Tequila.

Daniel Marshall’s Modern Day Campfire Experience took place the 4th March at the Historic Beverly Hills Hotel. Special guests like Steve Harvey, Frank Stallone, Ralf Moeller, Cece Peniston, Prince Khaled Al Saud and an esteemed gathering from the entertainment, sports, political and business worlds joined the sold-out event.

“The Campfire is a place of potential which brings with it a taste of the timeless. Gathering around with cigars is primal and precious. A place where acquaintances can move toward real friendship. What joins us together, the golden thread that runs through our veins and drives us to live our dreams is a commitment to create in all we do, is a richness of character and generosity of spirit. So when someone asks you do you smoke, the true answer is no. We don’t smoke, we taste. Jeremy Irons summed it up when he compared cigarettes to cigars. He said, ‘Cigarettes are like having sex, cigars are like making love.’”

Co-Host Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger spoke about the award winning Padre azul Super Premium Tequila, and it’s combination with DM Cigars.

Very special was, that the use of smart phones was restricted in order to create an authentic “campfire” where time can be of the moment.

Pictures copyright: Ron Murray