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Padre Azul Single Barrel

Matured for 4 years and limited to 230 bottles per barrel

Four years of rest in carefully hand selected oak bourbon barrels add richness and depth to this outstanding spirit. Each barrel has its own story, individual character and unique flavor. Due to the complex nature and the care put into the production, our Single Barrel Extra Añejo is limited to 230 bottles per barrel. Every single one of them is filled with a unique tequila, influenced by the individual personality of the respective barrel and therefore no two batches are alike.

In keeping with Padre Azul’s high quality standards, we do not use yeast, sugar, additives nor preservatives. This reflects in the taste: The Single Barrel Extra Añejo is smooth and complex, with notes of cooked agave, peaches and apricots. There is a slight hint of cinnamon and delicate undertones of caramel, chocolate and vanilla – a true explosion of the senses. It is simply magical! If you are looking for a fine spirit to share with your dearest friends, this one is the perfect choice.

Behind the bottle: a collaboration between two young, promising artists

An exquisite spirit like our Extra Añejo Single Barrel has to be presented in a bottle that lives up to its content. We are very pleased to we have found the perfect match for the creation of this bottle: the talented Austrian designer and artist Andreas Palfinger together with the creative Hungarian designer and graffiti artist Balazs Pusztai.

The two emerging artists met at the University of applied Arts in Vienna, commonly known as „Die Angewandte“. Balazs caught a glimpse of Mexico’s magic when traveling the country. Since then, its culture, art and traditions have not ceased to amaze him. Andreas, who recently got awarded with Gold at the European Design Awards 2020, has been an invaluable asset for the Padre family for quite some time already and creates designs for Padre Azul on a regular basis. The two friends have joined their creative forces in order to craft the truly special bottle design for our Single Barrel Extra Añejo. The result? A beautiful bottle that pays homage to the Mexican culture, definitely not less outstanding than its content.

An esthetic interplay of sun, moon and time

The design of the ornaments represents the sun, the moon and time, and their unique interrelationship in Mexican culture. Hence the visual language refers to Teotihuacan, the pyramids of the sun and the moon.

Balazs was impressed by the dazzling beauty of the sheer endless Mexican sunsets and the intensity of the Mexican sun, which is crucial for our Blue Agaves to develop their full potential. Therefore, the sun is placed at the bottom center of the label, with our Ramón at its heart. The moon is situated opposite to them, at the top center. There it watches over the sun, as it sometimes does in Mexico: in the shape of a smile, right above the sunset – a fairly uncommon sight for European eyes. The sun and the moon also stand for the most important ingredient of our premium tequila: time.

The composition is complemented by symbols representing the Blue Weber Agave, the origin of Padre Azul Tequila. All design elements are interwoven into a graphic language based on Papel Picado, a traditional Mexican craft, representing soulfulness and love towards family and friends. On the Day of the Dead Papel Picado is used as a decoration for the Ofrendas, the traditional altars filled with offerings for lost family members, representing the element Air. When it starts fluttering in the wind, the family will know that the souls of their loved ones have arrived to celebrate with them.

The well thought-out design invites us to take a closer look, to pause for a moment and to discover all of its fine detail. Take your time – not only to contemplate the sophisticated design of the Single Barrel Bottle, but also to discover the unique spirit inside of it and, above all, to enjoy it together with your friends and family.