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Ahora disponible: máscara para boca y nariz

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La crisis del coronavirus nos ha pillado a todos desprevenidos. Apenas hay nadie que no haya tenido puesta patas arriba su vida de un día para otro. Las últimas semanas no pasaron de largo sin dejar huella en nuestra empresa, también. Pero nosotros nunca nos rendimos e incluso ahora sacamos lo mejor de esta situación. ¿El resultado? ¡Nuestra propia máscara para boca y nariz!

Somos una familia

Nuestro equipo en la fábrica en Jalisco, México, está empleado durante todo el año. Cada uno es parte de nuestra familia Padre Azul, cada uno convierte a nuestra empresa en lo que es. Por eso nos preocupó aun más cuando, al parecer, en esta situación excepcional no sería posible continuar con la producción de la manera habitual durante el mes de abril. ¿Cerrar nuestras puertas y enviar a nuestros empleados a casa? Eso no era una opción. Necesitabamos una alternativa – y rápido. ¿Cómo podríamos seguir empleando a nuestro equipo con la producción en pausa? En tiempos de COVID-19, la idea no se hizo esperar mucho: ¡Vamos a coser máscaras protectoras!


De las máscaras de la “Lucha libre” a las máscaras protectoras

Habitualmente aquí se cosen las chaquetas de cuero con cordones típicos para nuestras botellas, que son un tributo a las máscaras de la “Lucha libre” mexicana y al legendario “El Santo”. Pero ahora todo es un poco diferente, así que en nuestra fábrica no se piensa sólo en las máscaras de la “Lucha libre”, sino que también se cose otro tipo de máscaras.

Máscaras para boca y nariz, como es debido

Si hacemos algo, lo hacemos bien – tanto nuestro Padre Tequila como cualquier otra cosa. De las máscaras no podremos prescindir durante algún tiempo, así que, si de todos modos nos va a tocar llevarlas, ¡pues por lo menos con estilo! Asi nació nuestra propria máscara con nuestro legendario “Ramón”.

La máscara protectora reutilizable de Padre Azul no ofrece una protección eficaz contra la infección para la persona que la porta, pero sí puede reducir el riesgo de transmisión de patógenos a otras personas. Este tipo de máscara también refuerza un tratamiento consciente de los demás y el “distanciamiento social”, que actualmente es tan importante.

Así hemos encontrado una manera de mantener unida a nuestra familia mientras hacemos algo útil, siguiendo el lema “O encontramos un camino, o hacemos uno.”

Ahora recibirás tu máscarapara boca y narizde forma gratuita con cada botella de 0.7 l de nuestro Padre Tequila. También se pueden pedir por separado en nuestra tienda online.


«RIZE to the top» – kitchen party with Sarah Brandner, Alexander Mazza & Co

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To host the «RIZE to the top» events, host Babak Shahverdi, RIZE publisher, and Frank Heller, general manager of THE CHARLES HOTEL, welcomed to a groovy kitchen party at The Charles Hotel Kitchen Model Sarah Brandner, Moderator Alexander Mazza, Model & Presenter Sandra Ahrabian, Michael Meyer, The Suit League, Artist Jay Foster, son of Lord Norman Foster, and Jonas Fink, Owner Sévigné DJ Omar provided the right party sound and the premium tequila PADRE AZUL by Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger for cool drinks.

In his kitchen, Michael Hüsken, chef at Restaurant Sophia’s at The Charles Hotel, conjured up real delicacies with his kitchen brigade directly at the stove and with a view of the pots. Because Michael Hüsken is a master of his craft. His career stations included Johann Lafers Stromburg, Beetle’s, Acquarello, Elmau Castle, Geisels Werneckhof, Reisers am Stein uvm.

«RIZE to the top» is the title of the new series of events by the renowned RIZE magazine (under the direction of editor-in-chief Alex Gernandt) and the Rocco Forte «The Charles Hotel.» The idea behind it: Munich residents in the unique location of The Charles Hotel «To bring together networking, each edition should have its own motto.

We are curious which editions will follow.

In this sense RIZE to the top!


Chris Bosh helps raise $500K at After-School All-Stars poker tourney

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After-School All-Stars South Florida hosted its fifth annual charity poker tournament: All-In for All-Stars at the Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Miami Beach, with Haute Living as a proud media sponsor. The exclusive event, hosted by Wayne Boich, Mark Groussman, Sean Posner, and Michael Simkins along with two-time NBA champion and 11-time NBA All-Star Chris Bosh, raised over half a million dollars for at-risk youth throughout South Florida.

Founded in 1992 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, After-School All-Stars South Florida is part of the leading national provider of year-round, school-based, tuition-free comprehensive after-school programs. The organization’s mission is to keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life. Every school day, students in low-income communities have access to free programs that offer academic support, enrichment opportunities, and health and fitness activities. Over 91,000 children from 19 U.S. regions benefit Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Newark, New York, North Texas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Puget Sound, San Antonio, South Florida, Tampa, Toledo, and Washington, D.C.

The event was emceed by Host of The Discovery Channel’s “Uncharted Waters” and 3-time world sailfish champion Peter Miller and was filled with live entertainment and dining for guests throughout the night. A live auction, a performance by the Miami Heat dancers, and live art by renowned money artist Arthur J. Williams Jr. were a few of the unforgettable entertainment experiences that unfolded throughout the duration of the night. Guests also enjoyed an evening full of hors d’oeuvres, dinner service, and access to an exclusive Padre Azul Tequila tasting room.

The winner of this year’s tournament was Loni Beth Harwood, who took home the grand prize consisting of five unique timepieces donated by 130-year-old Swiss luxury watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer. In second place and third place respectively were Matthew Papunen and Will McDonough.

The funds raised during this year’s tournament will benefit over 2,000 low-income students who participate in the tuition-free after-school programs brought to them by After-School All-Stars South Florida. The organization’s mission to help students in underserved communities is part of the nation’s largest school-based initiative to help at-risk youth succeed in their education and beyond.

Sponsors who contributed to this year’s sold-out event included Carl F. Bucherer, Lobster Bar Sea Grille, Padre Azul Tequila, Swarovski, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Miami HEAT, E11even, Haute Living, Tourneau, Miami Marlins, Miami Dolphins, Truewoman, Arthur J. Williams Jr, Aroma 360, Kuro, Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller, Jetsmarter, Celebrity Cruises, The Betsy South Beach, MSC Cruises, Xennial Digital, Fox Sports Florida, DiModolo, BYREDO, Earth Science Tech, Dr. Jhonny Salomon, Dr. Rodriguez-Feliz, STITCHED men’s Custom Suits and Precision Skin Institute.


Padre Azul Cristalino Swarovski Edition

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The Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila

Exclusive & Wild: “Cristalino Añejo Tequila” the Limited Edition Tequila by PADRE AZUL in cooperation with Swarovski & Prison Art

The Cristalino Añejo Tequila

PADRE AZUL, the premium tequila brand, serves the finest quality: the new „Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila“, limited to 1,000 bottles, is a co-production with Swarovski, who have created a unique skull with an engraved number for each bottle. This special edition is a project by the tequila aficionado, PADRE AZUL co-owner and Swarovski partner Georg Weis.

The bottle itself was designed for the special edition with the crystalline skull by the Mexican design label „Prison Art“. In Mexico City, this organization helps former prisoners reintegrate into a normal life through creative artwork. Part of the proceeds of the PADRE AZUL Special Edition will be donated to „Prison Art“.

Cristalino Tequila, which uses a special process to remove the natural color, currently happens to be the new trend in Mexico. Crystal clear in the glass, „Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila“ convinces on the palate with maturity and a finely honed composition of aromas.

1,000 uniquely numbered and crafted bottles

The limited edition „Cristalino Añejo Tequila“ will be available from November exclusively at the Käfer headquarters in Munich, the KaDeWe in Berlin and Merkur Hoher Markt in Vienna, as well as via Padre Azul.

An ideal gift for tequila aficionados, once the bottle is empty, it remains a precious designer item.

But that means acting fast, because only 90 of the 1000 bottles are available in Germany & Austria.

Cost: 1000€ per bottle.

Order your bottle here.

The little ones have arrived!

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Padre azul Mini

Online available now

No compromises in the design of the unusual “Padre azul” bottle. Only the best is good enough for Padre azul, outside and in. The handmade bottle is inspired by Mexican heritage and culture.

This special bottle is now also available in a smaller size. The new Padre azul Mini bottle 50 ml.

For all EU customers we offer a special promotion goodie. Buy one Padre azul tequila and get one different bottle of Padre azul Mini for free.

“Qué padre!”

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Qué Padre – Padre azul Tequila

described by OldLiquors Magazine

Tequila Silver
Clear, transparent tequila. Bottled directly after distillation, accounting for its clear color and taste of fresh agave. Very smooth and mild flavor.

Tequila Reposado
After distillation, this tequila is stored in oak barrels for at least eight months. Classic, pale yellow color, and with a complex taste: Slight vanilla flavor, very distinctive & pleasant aftertaste.

Tequila Añejo
After distillation, stored in oak barrels for at least 18 months. Añejo is golden in color and captivates with its complex, yet smooth taste: Subtle hints of vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit, and cinnamon.

Padre Azul Tequila, Expression of Ancient Traditions

Wrestling Masks and Skulls Symbolize Mexico’s Unique Visual Culture

…at the end of last year, it was “Que Padre” for the young company when it entered the US market. After conquering the party capitals of Europe, including luxury locations such as Ibiza and Monte Carlo, Miami was the only logical starting point for their American invasion.

“The reactions to our brand here were truly incredible. Everyone has been waiting for something new, and that’s exactly what Padre Azul is: we offer a spectacular product that not only looks great but also tastes fantastic! ” HP Eder claims confidently. They already found a reliable importer with Parkstreet, and the search for distributors continues. “We have ambitious goals, but we are confident that we can enchant the US with Padre Azul.”

Interview with The Manual

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Our Co-founder HP Eder was interviewed by The Manual:

TM: How do you recommend drinking Padre Azul?

HP : For silver, we recommend first chilling to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then letting it air out in the glass for about 20 minutes to get the most flavors and aromas. Reposado, enjoy at around 64 degrees Fahrenheit and let it air out in the glass for about 20 minutes. And añejo the same, but chill to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

TM: You age your añejo longer than usual. Why and how long?

HP : It is aged for 18 months. This is because it gets smoother the longer it’s in the barrel and also can extract more flavors like coffee, burned caramel, caramelized nuts, and dried fruits.

TM: Many people associate tequila with cheap brands and cringe-worthy aftertastes. Is there a luxury tequila revolution taking place?

HP : I had the same experience. I wasn’t familiar with such a high-quality tequila when I first visited Mexico. Certain brands destroyed the reputation of tequila completely and that’s why we started our endeavor —to be a part of the tequila revolution! We are discovering the true value of tequila as a luxury spirit and we are bringing our product around the world. I truly believe luxury tequila is the next big thing in the spirits business … Which other spirit do you know of where the original plant grows for eight years?

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