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VIP Party "Tequila, Masterclass and Fun"

Tequila instead of beer just before the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich! Mexican flair at the Italian in-restaurant Emporio Armani Caffè, Munich by restaurateur and Wasenwirt Michael Wilhelmer. Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger, one of the top entertainment lawyers in LA and an entrepreneur in companies like Padre Azul, had “his” smooth premium Tequila Padre Azul for the party in his luggage. A highlight among the approximately 100 party guests was the limited edition “Padre Azul Cristalino”, whose bottle with cool tattoo art, designed by the benefit organization Prison Art, is already an eye-catcher.

Fittingly, Hollywood’s “Cigar Guru” Daniel Marshall donated some of his coveted golden cigars this evening. For especially golden moments. With lots of VIP guests at the Padre Azul Party: Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner, Hotel Stanglwirt Junior Chef Maria Hauser, restaurateur Gabriel Lewy (e.g. Café Roma), the actors Ralf Moeller, Bruno Eyron, Andrea L’Arronge, Sinta Weisz and Florian Munteanu, Barbara Meier, Giovane Elber, entrepreneur Jürgen Schrempp, fashion designer Sonja Kiefer, film producers Tim Tremper and Philip Schulz-Deyle and many more. Including the Kung Fury 2 crew and Hollywood producers such as George Acogny, whose production “Come Away” with Angelina Jolie and Michael Caine will soon be released. Because Kung Fury 2 is currently being filmed with Patrick’s uncle Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Bavaria Film Studios.

Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger was in a good mood despite his jet-lag and his busy schedule calendar and made his drink tasty for the guests: “Premium tequila is in full swing. It’s already the new in-drink in the US and Asia. And in Europe, the scene catering is increasingly on it. Therefore, it is great that our cult Tequila, which is already represented internationally in many trendy locations, from the “Hi Club” in Ibiza to the “Hotel de Paris” in Monte Carlo, is now entering Stuttgart as a new trendy drink at the Wasen”. What’s in the premium tequila? “Padre Azul is 100% blue from the Weber Agave, 100% from Mexico and 100% handmade – better and higher quality is not possible.” He also had some tips: “I like tequila mostly “straight”. In the US, the ladies have discovered particularly “Tequila Blanco” – with soda and a splash of lemon and grapefruit – the hit, because the drink has low calories, is vegan and it tastes great.”

Knapp-Schwarzenegger is a partner in the most famous law firm in Hollywood starring stars like actors Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and action legend Jackie Chan. How did he come to tequila? “I got to know the creators Hans Peter Eder and Stefan Lackner and was immediately impressed by the taste and the idea.”

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