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Luminous, brilliant golden yellow color with a heavy body.


The cooked agave, fruit compote, pear, banana and dried orange notes that result from slow cooking are balanced by the vanilla, caramel, coconut and white chocolate that result from resting in the barrel.


Fruit compote, vanilla and cooked agave notes merge harmoniously. Velvety texture with a sweet and smooth finish.

"I didn’t know tequila could taste like this!"
— Andres
Andres had never really been a huge tequila fan, but when he tried Padre Azul Reposado, he was like “Eureka!”. Deeply impressed by this unique spirit, he has called himself a tequila aficionado ever since.

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Can you imagine that it has been around 10 years since the Blue Agaves used for this Tequila first stretched their leaves towards the hot Mexican sun? 8 to 10 years of growing, several days of cooking and fermenting, at least 8 months of aging in hand-selected oak bourbon barrels – the most important ingredient of this outstanding Tequila truly is time. The result: A slight vanilla flavor, hints of rare and cooked agave, very distinctive, very pleasant aftertaste…

How to drink?

This premium tequila is best served at 18 °C. The oak influence gives the Padre Azul Reposado a particular complexity that unfolds on the palate especially when enjoyed neat. It is also perfectly suitable for mixing delicious cocktails.

One of the favorites of David Rios

Tommy's Margarita


  • Padre Azul Reposado – 60ml
  • Lime juice – 30ml
  • Agave syrup – 15ml
  • Ice cubes
  • Glass: old fashioned
  • Garnish: Lime, lemon twist and green lemon fragrance “My Memories DR”
  • Method: Shaker


  1. Pour the Padre Azul Reposado, the lime juice and the agave syrup into the shaker and add some ice cubes.
  2. Put on your favorite salsa tunes and shake it!
  3. Pour everything into the Old Fashioned glass filled with a large ice cube.
  4. Decorate your drink with a slice of lime or lemon. Take a piece of lemon peel, tweeze it and run it over the rim of the glass. Add a bit of Green Lemon fragrance from My Memories DR.

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