Welcome back to star bartender David Rios’place for the third part of our Tequila Workshop!

In the previous video we already got some background knowledge on the making of Padre Tequila, notably the Terroir (the place of origin, remember?) and the raw material used for this unique spirit.

Today we will learn more about two processes that lend our Tequila its unmistakable character: the cooking and the fermentation. And for those who have ever wondered what the metal skull cap is about: you’ll find out today! On top of that, you will get two more fabulous cocktail recipes. So take out your Padre Tequila and let’s get going!

Part 3: More about cooking, fermentation and celebrating life and friendship

It’s getting hot: the cooking

The cooking of the Padre Tequila is done in traditional Mexican ovens made of masonry – “mampostería”. First, the agave is cooked by steaming at a relatively low temperature for 24 hours. Then we make use of the residual heat to add 24 hours more. This gentle way of processing gives the tequila a much higher concentration of flavor and aromas. Good things come to those who wait!


The next step: the fermentation

The fermentation is possibly the heart of our distillery. Why? Because Padre Tequila doesn’t add any kind of artificial yeast to the juice, but exclusively uses natural yeast. For this reason, the whole process depends on the climatic conditions during the fermentation: it can take between 72 and 96 hours until the natural fermentation is completed. During this process, the natural yeast transforms sugar into alcohol and bacteria produce acids. The result is a product with approximately 6 % alcohol. What happens after that? You will find out in the next video!


Handcrafted and symbolic: the skull

The 270-gram solid metal skull cap is not just a decorative item. The handcrafted skull represents the Day of the Dead– the probably most important day of the year for the Mexican people and a colorful celebration ofeternal friendship.


And now let’s celebrate life and friendship with two delicious cocktails!

Today, star bartender David Rios will show us how to craft two amazing cocktails with the smooth Padre Azul Reposado : Tommy’s Margarita from Julio Vermejo and Amarga y Dulce Palomita, a twist on the famous Mexican cocktail “La Paloma”.

To be classified as “Reposado”, a tequila has to mature for at least 2 months. The Padre Azul Reposado matures 8 full months in hand-selected oak bourbon barrels. Maybe that’s the reason for its particular complexity and its unforgettable vanilla notes?

Tommy’s Margarita


60ml Padre Azul Reposado

30ml Lime juice

15ml Agave syrup

Ice cubes


Glass: Old fashioned


Garnish:Lime, lemon twist and green lemon fragrance “My Memories DR”



  • Pour the Padre Azul Reposado, the lime juice and the agave syrup into the shaker and add some ice cubes.
  • Shake it!
  • Pour everything into the Old fashioned glass filled with a large ice cube.
  • Decorate your drink with a slice of lime or lemon.
  • Take a piece of lemon peel, tweeze it and run it over the rim of the glass. Add a bit of Green Lemon fragrance from My Memories DR.


Amarga y Dulce Palomita


50ml Padre Azul Reposado

20ml Martini bitter or Campari

15ml Red grapefruit juice

15ml Clear agave syrup

2 – 4 Fresh mint leaves or alternatively basil leaves

approx. 100ml Grapefruit and Rosemary Soda (London Essence)


Glass:Riedel / Highball wine glass


Garnish:Mint or basil leaves, pink grapefruit twist and Mediterranean Mandarin fragrance “My Memories DR”



  • Pour the Padre Azul Reposado, the Martini bitter/Campari, the red grapefruit juice, the agave syrup and the fresh mint leaves/basil leaves into the shaker and shake it!
  • Prepare the highball wine glass with an ice cube and pour everything through a sieve into the glass – look at this color!
  • Top off with some refreshing grapefruit and rosemary soda.
  • Stir it a little, but not too much. Watch how the pro does it!
  • Decorate with a pink grapefruit twist and some fresh mint or basil leaves and round it off with a spritz of Mediterranean Mandarin fragrance from My Memories DR.

That’s it – enjoy your tequila cocktails!

Do you want to discover more amazing tequila cocktail recipes and to find out more about the making of Padre Azul? Don’t miss out on the next video!