our blanco is the core of the padre azul identity! he’s the father of all our aged versions. try the raw, unaged tequila and fall in love with it!
Padre - Premium Tequila

Refreshingly young and wild Blanco

In every drop of our youngest tequila, a symphony of nature unfolds. The agaves, nurtured for 8 to 10 sun-soaked years, infuse this bottle with the essence of Mexican warmth and vitality. Surprisingly low in calories yet bursting with the raw energy of youth, this spirit is a testament to the sun-kissed journey it undertakes.

taste true tequila

Straight from the distillation, it captures the pure, untamed taste of fresh agave—a soft, mild melody that will undoubtedly enchant your senses. Embrace the magic within each sip, and let the Padre Azul tequila transport you to moments of youthful exuberance and untold joy. Be young, be wild, and savor the emotional allure of Padre Azul Blanco.

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