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Ramon por vida foundation
by Padre Azul

A woman holding her daughter and a gift package from the Ramon Por Vida Foundation in her hand.

Padre Azul Tequila was born from the dream of HP Eder, his wife Adriana, their family and friends. Right from the start, we decided to do things sustainably.

We chose family-owned local businesses as suppliers and handpicked employees who
are like family to form what we proudly
call the Padre family today.

It’s not just a business; it’s a shared dream, built on love and a commitment to
doing things right.

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”I am aware that we cannot save the whole world.
But I believe, that every individual can make a difference.”
Adriana Alvarez de Eder
La Madre de Padre Azul and Patrona of
the Ramon Por Vida Foundation.
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Padre - Premium Tequila
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doing good with our foundation

We’re taking a big step with
the #RamonPorVida Foundation,
supporting small local projects.
Every Padre azul bottle will soon carry
the #RamonPorVida seal. a part of each sale will go to our organization.

Adriana personally chooses local projects, making sure our help goes exactly where it’s needed most. It’s not just about tequila;
it’s about making a difference,
one bottle at a time.

Padre - Premium Tequila
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