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PADRE AZUL Preimum Tequila

100% Agave.

100% Handmade.

100% Mexico.

Our tequila is the essence of Mexican culture,

where relationships are valued above everything else.

We strive to remind you of what matters most in life:

Spending time with friends and family.

Our Vision & Spirit

Take your time and enjoy Padre azul
in the Mexican way:

in small sips and with the people you love.

Every single bottle of our high end tequila represents
the Mexican culture and the Mexican way of life.

A premium tequila born out of love.

It is no secret that we put love and dedication into our award-winning 100% blue agave premium tequila, known for its vanilla and caramel flavors and its unparalleled smooth finish.

But who would expect that the story behind Padre Azul is actually a real love story? In fact, this smooth tequila wouldn’t exist without a love story between a Mexican woman and an Austrian man. A love story that bore unexpected fruits.


Time - our most important ingredient

Creating a high end tequila is all about finding the right balance. It’s an art. And this art requires a gifted artist, who has the knowledge and skills to ensure perfection in every single step. At Padre azul, this artist is master distiller Erika Sangeado.

"The most important ingredient for our outstanding tequila is TIME: time to grow, time to develop, time to enjoy."

Erika Sangeado


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