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A premium tequila born out of love

It is no secret that we put a lot of love and dedication into our award-winning 100% blue agave super premium tequila, known for its vanilla and caramel flavors and its unparalleled smooth finish. But who would expect that the story behind Padre Azul is actually a real love story? In fact, this exceptionally smooth tequila wouldn’t exist without a no less exceptional love story between a Mexican woman and an Austrian man. A love story that bore unexpected fruits.


A love that knows no borders

It all started with a classic boy-meets-girl story: HP Eder, a young man from the Austrian Alps, falls in love with Adriana Alvarez Maxemin, a beautiful young woman from Jalisco, Mexico, whom he has met at the university in Heidelberg, Germany. Both soon realize that what they have is more than just a student romance, and eventually they decide to build a life together. This marks the beginning of an exciting time for both of them: a time full of culture shocks and long-distance flights, full of new encounters, true friendship and great inspirations.

When Eder finally met Adriana’s family in Mexico, he seized the opportunity to ask her father’s permission for her hand in marriage. As a response, his future father-in-law brought out a bottle of tequila and told Eder that in order to get his approval, he had to toast every single member of the family with a glass of tequila. And so he did. From that moment on, Eder was deeply in love not only with his Adriana, but also with his new family and the Mexican way of life.

An idea is born

The magic of Mexico immediately captivated Eder. He was fascinated by the country’s culture and traditions, by the openness of the Mexican people, their pure love of life and, above all, by the importance they place on personal relationships. No matter what the appointment calendar says, in Mexico there is always time for friends and family.

There was another part of Mexican culture that particularly sparked Eder’s interest, not only the initiation ritual that he went through when asking for Adriana’s hand in marriage but also the status of agave spirits and, above all, of tequila. The Austrian inherited a passion for distillation from his father, who is known for the production of high-quality Vogelbeerschnaps, a traditional Austrian spirit made out of rowan berries, which he produces based on a recipe that has been passed down for five generations. For Eder, tasting real Mexican tequila was like a revelation, as until then he only associated the spirit with sliced lemon and headaches. It goes without saying that he was especially curious about the ancient art of tequila production.

Eder enthusiastically soaked up all the information he could find about tequila, still baffled by the fact that he had never tasted something similar back home in Europe. After introducing his discovery to his friends at home, Eder, Adriana and a handful of his similarly captivated friends made a decision: they would bring this amazing spirit to Europe, and with it, a glimpse into the Mexican way of life. Again, it was Eder’s Mexican father-in-law who played a decisive role. He encouraged the friends to create their own premium tequila brand. And that’s how Padre Azul was born.

In Europe there was mainly poor quality tequila at the time. Hardly anyone knew that high quality tequila existed, which I found very sad

HP Eder, El Padre


Seeking perfection

Their decision was followed by months of hard work. Like alchemists, the friends searched for the perfect spirit. The bar was set high. They wanted a product that charms from the very beginning, a premium tequila with a “WOW!” effect.

When they finally found their liquid gold in a small distillery in Amatitán, near the famous village of Tequila, they experienced the most magical moment. What they found was a fantastic tequila with vanilla and caramel flavors and an incredibly smooth finish. 100% agave, 100% handmade, 100% Mexico. There was no doubt: this was the perfect spirit to carry Mexico’s magic into the world.

Their success proved them right: Padre Azul was launched in 2014, and the friends soon received extremely positive feedback from all sides. Already in the first year on the market, the super premium tequila won several awards. What started as a love story led to something rather unexpected: the creation of Padre tequila, probably the smoothest tequila on earth.


The Mexican way of life

For us, every single bottle of our premium tequila represents the Mexican culture and the Mexican way of life. The most important ingredient of Padre tequila truly is time: time to grow, time to develop, time to enjoy. We let our blue agaves grow between 8 and 10 years and we steam them in a masonry between 24 and 48 hours, followed by 72 to 96 hours of fermentation. Finally, we let our Reposado mature for at least 8 months, and our Añejo for a minimum of 18 months. We are not in a hurry. And you shouldn’t be either when enjoying our premium tequila with your favorite people.

We want to create a high-quality spirit that does justice to the Mexican heritage. Take your time and enjoy Padre tequila in the Mexican way: in small sips and with the people you love.


The Skull

It’s not only the Mexican relationship with time that is very different to European ideas, but also the Mexican views of death. This can be seen most prominently in the festivities of Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Rather than a day of mourning, this day is traditionally a colorful celebration of eternal friendship, when people not only think about lost loved ones, but celebrate with them too, in a meeting of this world and beyond.

For the Aztecs, death did not mean the end of a life, but the transition into another. So, every November 2nd, processions are held throughout the entire country and families celebrate in the cemetery, at the graves of their dead.

The skull – La Calavera – is at the centre of the festivities on this day, when it is customary for festival-goers to paint their faces in a characteristic way. Our “skull” top is cast from solid metal and pays homage to this ancient Mexican tradition.

Like the rest of our unique bottle, it is carefully crafted by hand.

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