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1 Bottle – 200 hands

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Padre Azul Tequila, born in the heart
of the valley of Amatitán in Jalisco, Mexico, tells a love story with each sip. our production is traditional.
The volcanic soil, pure waters,
and sunny climate create
a special dance of flavors.

citrus aromas and earthy notes
that make our tequila truly unique.
It’s not just an ordinary drink;
it’s a taste of the passionate embrace
between nature and tradition.

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For our tequila to be just right,
the agave needs time – 8 to 10 years of growing under the burning Mexican sun.
This ensures sweet sugars and great flavors, without turning sour.

Our farmers, called Jimadores,
are the guardians of the agave.
They know exactly when to harvest and
how to cut it just right, close to the core. It’s their touch that brings out
the special taste in every batch,
making it something truly emotional.

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For one liter of Padre Azul premium tequila, we process no less than 10 kilos of agave during the production procedure.

An agave farmer kneeing on the brown earth. With his two hands he holds the earth. He wears a black shirt and a beige hat.
Padre - Premium Tequila
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Cooking & Fermentation

Imagine our agaves getting a warm hug
in traditional Mexican ovens
called mamposterías,
made with masonry and volcanic soil.

It’s not a quick process – 48 hours of
steaming, plus 24 more in the cozy heat.
This time-consuming way takes way longer
then with modern machines,
but it adds a lot of character to our tequila.

for us, time isn’t just a clock ticking;
it’s like a recipe for love, patience, and flavor, making our tequila taste magical!

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Padre - Premium Tequila
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In the magical journey of creating Padre Azul tequila, every drop tells a story.
Picture this: two distillations,
each a labor of love. In the second round, we’re selective, like curators of taste, discarding the edges to keep only the heart—the essence that makes it extraordinary.

We could take shortcuts and use more,
but we choose quality over quantity.
It’s about cherishing the production process,
distilling the agave with gentle warmth and preserving its pure, untainted sweetness.
This isn’t just tequila; it’s a symphony of emotions, a sip of passion, carefully crafted for those who appreciate the art
of fantastic flavor.

Padre - Premium Tequila
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Our tequila has its own story. The Blanco goes straight to the bottle, the reposado waits 8 months and the añejo takes 18 months to age. In oak barrels, magic happens—adding color, aroma, and character. It’s like a special recipe for Padre Azul tequila. These barrels turn each sip into a flavorful tale, making it more than just aging; it’s a crafted journey of taste. the round-up of its production.

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“The most important ingredient for
outstanding tequila is TIME.“
Erika Sangeado, Master Distiller
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Master distiller Erika Sangeado standing in an agave field. She wears a white shirt and a light brown hat. The sky is blue and clear.

a complex production

Our tequila ages in handpicked
Bourbon oak barrels, toasted perfectly.
The smokey oak adds vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate notes, without hiding the agave’s pure taste.

our production is an art, a masterpiece led by our maestro, Erika Sangeado.
Each drop is her perfection in a bottle
a crafted symphony of flavors.

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meet Erika

The master distiller is like the guardian of our tequila, overseeing every step to guarantee top-notch quality. worldwide, there are only two female master distillers for premium tequila production.

we’re beaming with pride because
one of them is part of our Padre family:
our mastermind Erika Sangeado.
It’s not just a job; it’s a commitment to excellence and a celebration of talent.

Magic in a bottle

our bottle is one of a kind. Packed with meaningful design, filled with tasty tequila. The perfect finish that brings 100% Mexican culture to your hands. What else can you wish for?

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