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A toast to #EternalFriendship




“Time is so precious. Spend it wisely!”
— Jorge
What is most important in life? If you ask Elisa, she won’t think twice: friends and family. Spending quality time with your favorite people, sipping a good drink and enjoying a fine cigar – for Elisa, there is nothing better than this.
18-20° C

How to drink?

Magic creation from world best barkeeper David Rios

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El Sabio


Padre Azul Añejo – 60ml

Ice cube or ice ball

Old Fashioned / cognac glass

Garnish – Natural pine cone, Chocolate Crumble Fragrance “My Memories DR”

Method – Direct


For a light smoky touch, we are going to burn the pine cone a little. You will need a glass bell to smother the fire, and a suitable basis like a candleholder or a plate.

The slightly burned pine cone surprises with cinnamon and clove notes, far beyond the usual pine cone characteristics. Together with the unique aromas of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and caramelized walnuts of the Padre Azul Añejo, it’s an incredible combination of flavors. We won’t need any other ingredients.

  1. First of all, put the glass bell in the freezer for a while.
  2. Take the natural pine cone and burn it a little.
  3. While the pine cone is burning, prepare the glass with the ice.
  4. Add the Padre Azul Añejo and round it off with Chocolate Crumble Fragrance from My Memories DR.
  5. Take the glass bell out of the freezer and smother the fire with it. You will see the smoke, which will lend our drink super special smoky notes.
  6. Place the glass bell over the glass with the Padre Azul Añejo and let it rest until you serve it.

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