Embark on a tequila adventure with our Single Barrel Reposadoβ€”a must-try for explorers seeking a taste that transcends time. experience the taste of our single barrels!

Padre - Premium Tequila

a symphony of tasty aromas

Savor the essence of time with our Single Barrel Reposadoβ€”an emotional journey captured in a bottle. Grown with patience, this tequila matures in hand-selected bourbon barrels, delivering a symphony of flavorsβ€”notes of cooked agave, vanilla, and apricots, with delicate hints of cinnamon, caramel, and chocolate. Each sip is a magical explosion of the senses, perfect for rounding off those magical evenings!

we take our time to rest

For the adventurous spirits who value authenticity, our Single Barrel Reposado embodies the spirit of exploration. Crafted from the finest Blue Weber agave, each barrel ages for a minimum of nine months, resulting in a smooth and complex profile. With only a limited number of barrels produced annually, this exclusive tequila promises a rich and genuine taste experience. Individually numbered and hand-signed, the beautifully crafted bottle makes it a collector’s itemβ€”a symbol of the unique journey within.

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