Padre Azul x Sölden giveaway

What’s better than being surrounded by the majestic mountains of sölden while drinking the most magical tequila on this planet? Post your favorite tequila picture on Instagram & win one of our limited EMF special editions.

How to participate?

just follow these three easy steps and win a limited EMF x Padre Azul tequila bottle.

> post a picture on instagram

> Tag @padreazul.tequila

> use #padresölden

Which tequila can I win with the sölden giveaway?

You can win one of only a few of our limited Electric Mountain Festival x padre azul reposado tequila bottles. The perfect memory for your epic trip to sölden.

Padre - Premium Tequila

Limited electric Mountain Festival tequila

when does the giveaway end?

This giveaway ends with the end of the official skiing season in sölden. As this depends on the weather conditions, we can not mention a specific date. Yet, normally the season is over by the end of April or the beginning of May. afterwards, we will randomly select a winner.

How does the reposado tequila taste?

The padre azul reposado tastes surprisingly different — not like the tequila you might know. Ripe agave, decent vanilla aromas mixed with sweet caramel nuances. Attention: This tequila will make you fall in love with Mexico’s agave spirits.

Giveaway Terms & conditions

For more information about the rules of this giveaway, click here.

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