our Xiaman mezcal is the drink of the gods! the big brother of tequila is a smokey powerhouse – a blend of two different agaves: cooked in an underneath oven, fermented and distilled in the traditional way. discover a new world of aromas!

Padre - Premium Tequila

what is Xiaman mezcal?

Back then, an early form of mezcal was already consumed by the indigenous people of Mexico. Nowadays, it’s enjoyed by lovers of fine spirits worldwide. will you be the next one?

while tequila producers can only use the blue Weber agave to craft tequila, mezcaleros can choose from a bigger range of agaves for their mezcal. We combined the tepextate and espadin agave to create our wonderful drink.

mezcal is more complex in its production process and taste profile. yet, it’s still an art to distill high-quality mezcal. modern production methods take over the industry, but we keep it real, traditional, a handicraft.

Production process

The manufacturing of Xiaman Mezcal is strictly β€œartesanal”, which means according to tradition and specific rules. With 44% alcohol content, this β€œensemble” -roasted Tepextate & EspadΓ­n blend is of the highest quality and meets all standards set by the Mezcal Regulatory Council.

Xiaman is a blend of two agaves, 50% Tepextate agave and 50% EspadΓ­n agave. This blend achieves a perfect balance, between the complex flavours the Tepextate provides, and the rich aromas from mature Espadin.

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