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Header Newsletter. Padre Azul wishes you a Merry Christmas.

The #RamonPorVida Foundation: Adriana's heart project.

"The Corona crisis is an enormous challenge for all of us. But for many Mexican families, it's simply a matter of bare survival at the moment. Thousands of people have been deprived of their livelihoods virtually overnight. Far too many are now facing nothing because of the health crisis and can no longer manage to feed themselves and their children. As a native Mexican, this hurts my heart. The thought of it just stuck with me and I thought about what I could do concretely about it. After intensive discussions with similarly touched members of the Padre family, we made a decision: We'll just do it. We'll set up a foundation and do what we can. A name for our initiative was quickly found: #RamonPorVida - for life.

My husband with his friends and I started Padre azul as a joint project together with friends and family members. From the beginning, we have been careful about who we work with. We deliberately choose local family businesses near us as suppliers, and we want our economic decisions to support small local units as much as possible. We attach great importance to producing and trading sustainably. In addition, our employees are very important to us: each and every one of you is part of our Padre family, and a family sticks together. Even and especially when times are not so rosy.

With the #RamonPorVida initiative, we are now going one step further. We will specifically support small aid projects in our vicinity. In the future, our bottles will carry the #RamonPorVida seal of approval and a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Padre Tequila sold will go to our #RamonPorVida foundation. I personally select the aid projects. My most important criterion is that our help arrives directly, 1:1, where it is urgently needed. So I deliberately choose small, local projects where I can see with my own eyes what they achieve.


I am aware that we cannot save the whole world. But at the same time, I firmly believe that every individual can make a difference. That is why we have decided to set an example already this Christmas: We want to help those who are particularly affected by the health crisis. And we want our help to reach where it is really needed. Therefore, we will directly support the organization of my friend Ana Paula with food packages. Ana Paula offers fast, unbureaucratic and above all free help to hundreds of families in need. It provides the poorest of the poor with essential basic foodstuffs and thus makes an important contribution in the fight against malnutrition.

Ana Paula operates not far from our fields in Jalisco. We chose her because we know that 100% of our aid will reach where it is needed. As a nutrition expert, I am well aware of how important healthy nutrition is for a child's development. Of course, globally, our food donations are a drop in the bucket. But for the families and especially the children who receive our donations, they make a tremendous difference."

Adriana, La Madre del Padre

Adriana lives in Austria for more than 20 years. She spent her childhood and adolescence in Jalisco, Mexico, the home of tequila. Adriana was lucky enough to grow up in stable circumstances, with a family that was always there for her and gave her a good start to a healthy and independent life. In a country like Mexico, this is not something that can be taken for granted. Adriana's parents therefore attached great importance to raising their children with this awareness. From an early age, they were taught gratitude for their own privileges as well as compassion for less fortunate fellow human beings. As a result, Adriana began volunteering in hospitals, retirement homes and orphanages at a young age.

These experiences have left a lasting impression on her.