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Padre Azul

Foundation for kids

The #RamonPorVida Foundation: Adriana's heart project.
"The Corona crisis is an enormous challenge for all of us. But for many Mexican families, it's simply a matter of bare survival at the moment. Thousands of people have been deprived of their livelihoods virtually overnight. Far too many are now facing nothing because of the health crisis and can no longer manage to feed themselves and their children. As a native Mexican, this hurts my heart. The thought of it just stuck with me and I thought about what I could do concretely about it. After intensive discussions with similarly touched members of the Padre family, we made a decision: We'll just do it. We'll set up a foundation and do what we can. A name for our initiative was quickly found: #RamonPorVida - for life.

Together with her husband, family members and friends she started Padre Azul Premium Tequila.
From the beginning, it was defined to produce and trade sustainably. Therefore family owned local business were selected as supplier and employees who play a curcial role in the process were hand selected to form what we call today – the Padre family.

With founding the #RamonPorVida foundation, we are going one step further. We will specifically support small aid projects in our community. In the future, our bottles will carry the #RamonPorVida seal of approval and a portion of the proceeds from each sold bottle of Padre Tequila will go to our #RamonPorVida foundation. Adriana personally selects the projects. My most important criteria is that our help arrives directly, 1:1, where it is urgently needed.


”I am aware that we cannot save the whole world. But I believe, that every individual can make a difference.”

Adriana Alvarez de Eder
La Madre de Padre Azul and Patrona of the
Ramon Por Vida Foundation.



“In Mexico, quality time with family and friends has a high value. This year, our support goes to families with children affected by cancer. Wihout our support, they would not be able to afford medication. “

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The Corona crisis is a challenge for all of us and for some Mexican families . This years donation goes to an organization tha offers f ast, unbureaucratic and above all free help to hundreds of families in need.

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