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Limited Edition Cristalino
Tequila Añejo

Padre Azul in cooperation with Swarovski & Prison Art


Crystal clear with silver reflections


Aromas of coffee, burnt caramel, vanilla and caramelized nuts give way to sweet hints of dried fruits such as dried cherry and apricot, along with sweet agave.


Complex yet balanced, with flavors of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon and dried fruits. Extremely long, smooth finish.

“Crystal clear tequila, the finest quality. Enjoy a magic moment with this wonderful piece of art!”
— Mona
Mona loves art and has a keen eye for it. That’s why she particularly appreciates our Cristalino Tequila: a piece of art, both inside and outside.

#lifestyledrink – the art of drinking tequila and celebrating life

There are moments in life that simply call for the extraordinary. This crystal clear super premium tequila is the perfect choice to accompany those moments: a limited edition of 1,000 entirely handmade bottles, each filled with 100% blue agave tequila of the finest quality, and turned into a precious designer item by a unique Swarovski skull, crafted exclusively for Padre Azul. Because sometimes only the best is good enough. This true piece of art will add a touch of magic to your most special moments and make them even more memorable.

Padre azul, the premium tequila brand, serves the finest quality: the new Padre Azul Cristalino Añejo Tequila, limited to 1,000 bottles, is a co-production with Swarovski, who have created a unique skull with an engraved number for each bottle. This special edition is a project by the tequila aficionado, PADRE AZUL co-owner and Swarovski partner Georg Weis.

The bottle itself was designed for the special edition with the crystalline skull by the Mexican design label Prison Art. In Mexico City, this organization helps former prisoners reintegrate into a normal life through creative artwork. Part of the proceeds of the PADRE AZUL Special Edition will be donated to Prison Art.

1.000 uniquely numbered and crafted bottles

An ideal gift for tequila aficionados, once the bottle is empty, it remains a precious designer item.