In harmony with nature: the art of producing high premium organic tequila in Mexico

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our choices on the environment, and in this context, the tequila industry has also begun to initiate a shift towards sustainable and certified organic production practices. We at Padre Azul have long been aware of this responsibility and are one of the first in the industry to be officially certified organic as a premium organic tequila. 

In Mexico, organic certification has become much more important in recent years. And with this commitment, we are committed to environmentally friendly practices that minimize the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This not only helps to preserve the soil, but also protects our workers and the entire region.

Organic certification in tequila production represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. At Padre Azul, we accept this responsibility and focus on environmentally friendly practices that not only underline the quality of our premium tequila, but also contribute to the protection of our beautiful environment and our agave fields in the lowlands of Jalisco.

The foundation of our excellent tequila lies in the quality of the agave. In the production of High Premium Organic Tequila, particular attention is paid to sustainable cultivation. The agave fields are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This ecological approach not only promotes the health of the agaves, but also contributes to the preservation of the surrounding ecosystems.

Time to grow

The choice of agave is of crucial importance for the quality of the tequila. In the production of our High Premium Organic Tequila, the agaves are selected by our experienced Jimadores and harvested by hand. Only the best and ripest piñas are harvested to ensure that the tequila produces the purest and most intense flavors. At our distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, the art of tequila making is passed down from generation to generation. The experience and techniques gained over the years are incorporated into the production of our High Premium Organic Tequila and make it what it is – 100% agave, 100% handcrafted and 100% Mexico.

Time to rest

Another important point is fermentation. For our High Premium Organic Tequila, this takes place exclusively in old stone ovens, known as mamposterias, in order to gently cook the agave hearts. After this process, the cooked pinas are left to rest for a while, preserving the natural aromas and giving our tequila an incomparable depth and complexity.

Distillation is a feat that captures the essence of tequila. Our Master Distiller Erika Sangeado oversees this process, ensuring only the highest quality for Padre Azul tequila while also preserving the cultural identity and history of the land.

The production of High Premium Organic Tequila in a Mexican family business is a journey through time and tradition. Every sip tells a story of love for nature, family and the art of tequila production. In a family business, tequila is not only produced, it is lived and passed on – a true connection between past, present and future.

Time to enjoy

You can bring the sun of Mexico, the dedication and love that goes into every single one of our tequilas straight to your home! Just take a look in our online store – our Padrecito high premium organic tequila is now available for a short time in an attractive wooden box – paired with a top-class filler, cocktail recipes and stylish LED stickers to give your cocktail evening with friends that little bit extra!


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