The new artist edition of Padre Azul in cooperation with artist Luis Morales. The bottle stands on a foldable chair used for painting. In the background there are colorful paintings, color tubes and bruches.

The series continues – Padre Azul releases the new limited Artist Edition 2023

The series of limited special editions continues and we at Padre Azul are proud to announce this year’s limited special edition for the 3rd year in a row. After paying homage to Dia de los Muertos with our High Premium Tequila Anejo and the collaboration with Mexican artist Jose Parra in 2021, the Double Barrel Tequila Reposado followed in 2022 as a masterful result of Adriana’s inspiration, the craftsmanship of our master distiller Erika and the artistic support of artist Laura Garcia de Rulfo.

This year will be bright and colorful, as South American street artist Luis Morales de la Cruz has designed the jacket of the Double Barrel High Premium Tequila Anejo in his typical neon colors, making this year’s limited edition of 3000 pieces a must-have for all tequila connoisseurs and lovers. Unique, colorful and fascinating – the inspiration for the design comes from the colorful Mexican culture and the lovingly and strictly produced national spirit of Mexico – tequila.

High Premium Tequila, double aged in two hand-selected ex Bourbon american oak barrels.

This year’s limited Artist Edition derives its incomparable flavor from the most important ingredient of our tequila – time. Time to grow and time to mature. On our own agave fields in the plains around Jalisco, the Blue Weber agaves grew under the Mexican sun, were carefully harvested by our Jimadores and processed into a tequila of the highest quality. Subsequently, this masterpiece of our master distiller Erika Sangeado matured for 6 months in a hand-selected Ex Bourbon American oak barrel before being transferred to another oak barrel for another 11 months.  With every sip, you can taste the love and dedication that went into this tequila. Rounded off and perfectly staged by the colorful masterpiece of South American street artist Luis Morales de la Cruz, the Mexican joie de vivre becomes visible in this limited Artist Edition.

For people in a hurry:

  • New Limited Artist Edition 2023 is available – order now
  • High Premium Tequila Anejo double aged in ex-bourbon barrels
  • Cooked agave, pickled fruits, chocolate and notes of honey and vanilla
  • Artistically designed by street art artist Luis Morales de la Cruz
  • Proceeds go to the children’s home “La casa de Jesús y María A.C.

Unmistakable design – street artist Luis Morales de la Cruz for Padre Azul

The contemporary painter and street artist Luis Morales de la Cruz discovered his great passion for art as a child in Lima, South America. Drawing became his greatest enthusiasm – inspired by the modern art of the 90s, such as pop art, music, anime and manga, he found his own unmistakable style. A combination of fluorescent colors and strong contrasts with abstract and figurative motifs are clearly recognizable in his works. The Peruvian artist came to Austria at the age of twelve and currently works in his studio in the center of Vienna. As a recognized street artist, Luis is also one of the country’s most renowned digital visual artists.

His art is influenced by Mexican culture and its colorfulness. As a former bartender in Vienna, he discovered his passion for high-quality tequila and in his Artist Edition for Padre Azul, he combined his art with the South American mentality and creates the design of the bottle sleeve. Luis is proud to be part of the history and quality of the Padre family and to embody people’s passion for their work in premium tequila.

“The combination of high-class tequila, my work as an artist and the South American mentality are the result of my Artist Edition for Padre Azul. I was inspired by the people and their passion and love for their work, who give their best every day to let the tradition and flair of Mexico flow into first-class premium tequila.” says Luis.

Ramon Por Vida Foundation

Adriana Alvarez de Eder’s dream came true when she set up the Ramon Por Vida Foundation. Born in Mexico and wife of company’s founder HP Eder, her foundation aims to support the local population and in particular, children in need. For the third year in a row, Padre Azul has created a Limited Edition in collaboration with selected artists and, as in the past, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to social organizations in the region. All organizations are selected and visited by Adriana herself to ensure that the support is provided directly to those who need it most. Tequila enthusiasts receive a unique collector’s item and we at Padre Azul can fulfill our social responsibility.

In 2023, Adriana and her family visited the children’s home “La casa de Jesús y María A.C.“, a facility in Zapopan that specializes in supporting children with Down syndrome and is funded exclusively by private donations. The director, Irma Serrano, not only wants to provide the children with accommodation, clothing, and food, but also give them the love of a family.

“It was very moving for us to see the smiles and feel the love that is present in every corner of this home. At the same time, we realized that the children have a lot of needs, and our financial help here will be a great support for all of them. WITH LOVE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE,” says Adriana.

More information here.

But what exactly is in this bottle?

It is not only the exterior of this collector’s item that is captivating – the liquid contents also promise a taste experience in a class of its own.

Discover the appeal of our High Premium Double Barrel Tequila Anejo, which shimmers like a sunlit treasure with a hint of gold. Be enchanted by the aroma, where the essence of pure agave dances with notes of chocolate, sun-drenched fruit and a delicate kiss of honey and vanilla, and savor with each sip a taste that not only pleases the palate, but beckons for another.

As the “double barrel” designation suggests, this Tequila Anejo has been aged in two hand-selected ex-bourbon american oak barrels. This gives it its incomparable woody note, which is accompanied by soft flavors of chocolate, dried fruit and honey.

How do you enjoy this premium tequila?

This Double Barrel Anejo is best enjoyed at room temperature between 18 – 20 °C, ideally in a tumbler glass and with friends and family.

If you’re looking for a new taste experience, rest assured you can’t go wrong here. This exceptional collector’s edition is also ideal for tequila beginners due to its smooth taste.

This special edition, limited to 3000 pieces, is now available in our online store.

One thing can be announced in advance – if you are now interested in our previous limited editions, then stay curious. There will soon be a special edition of this trilogy from 2021, 2022 to 2023, and this is sure to make every collector’s heart beat faster!


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