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Padre Azul releases the new limited Artist Edition 2022

Last year, our Padre Azul team released the first annual limited Artist Edition in honor of the Mexican Dìa de los Muertos. An ancient tradition originating from the Aztecs, in which people remember their loved deceased ones – family, friends, and those with a special place in people’s hearts! In cooperation with the Mexican artist José Parra, we created a special edition, with only 5000 bottles existing. Each is filled with our finest Padre Azul Añejo tequila and adorned with Parra’s artwork called “Catrina de Velas”.

La Catrina is the unofficial icon of the Day of the Dead, while tequila is often described as Mexico’s life elixir. The combination of these two greats makes this limited Artist Edition something special – so special that we get asked frequently if this limited Edition is the start of a collection. Today we can say, “Yes, the collection continues!” and proudly announce the upcoming release of our limited Artist Edition 2022!

For people in a hurry:

  • New Limited Artist Edition 2022 is here!
  • In ex-Bourbon barrels double-aged Reposado
  • Cooked agave, preserved fruits and woody caramel
  • A tequila made in female cooperation, dedicated to women
  • Artwork by Laura Garcia Rulfo
  • Proceeds go to the VIFAC organization

Padre Azul Limited Artist Edition 2022 Double Barrel Reposado Tequila

Padre Azul presents its Tequila Reposado Double Barrel limited Artist Edition 2022 in cooperation with the talented Mexican artist Laura Garcia Rulfo! This year’s special edition is made with female cooperation and dedication to our beloved women. We put all our love and passion into this bottle – 100% blue agave, double-aged in hand-selected ex-Bourbon barrels. The bottle’s outstanding design by Laura Garcia Rulfo makes it not only a pleasure for the palate but also for the eyes!

A tequila made by powerful female personalities

Spirits, tequila, craftmanship: a branch that is mostly dominated by man, but Padre Azul makes a change, today! This year’s limited Edition Reposado is made by our powerful female trio consisting of Adriana’s inspiration, Erika’s craftwomanship, and Laura’s artwork! Adriana fell in love with a man and introduced him to the Mexican way of life, the culture, and the passion for tequila. She’s the reason why Padre Azul exists! Erika is one of only a few females in this branch but also one of the most talented distillers! She is the mastermind behind Padre Azul tequila, our master distiller who creates tequilas that fill your mouth with pure pleasure. Laura created the outstanding artwork for this year’s edition, combining love, craftswomanship, and culture into one piece – our limited Artist Edition! Without women, we wouldn’t be here, and without women, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this remarkable tequila!

Laura Garcia Rulfo – the creative mastermind of the artwork

Laura Garcia Rulfo is a paintress who was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in the 1950s. She discovered her empathy and artistic ability with the brush and canvas in her early years. Her creative development is broad and endorses her sensibility and work while placing herself among the greatest painters of Jalisco. Laura has displayed her artwork in more than twenty solo exhibitions in prestigious art galleries and museums all over Mexico. Moreover, she was part of nearly fifty group exhibitions where she represented the women of Jalisco – with recognized success, national and international.

Her work has been presented in places such as Salon de Pintores de Jalisco, Centro Cultural Cabañas Guadalajara, as well as Salon de Pintores Modernos and Salon de la Mujer en el Arte at the Canto de Arte Moderno. The Miami Art Convention Center, Aqua Gallery New York City, Arte Expo San Francisco, and Taipei Fine Art Museum have hosted Laura’s art too. This is only a small selection of the places where modern art collectors have already admired and bought her iconic work. Laura has received several awards and honorable mentions for her work throughout her successful career. Her passionate work let her climb steps where women had little access and recognition.

The motif of the bottle: „Tesoro de Agave“ from Laura Garcia Rulfo

Our Artist Edition only deserves the best artwork made by outstanding local artists. This year’s artwork is called “Tesoro de Agave” and adorns the bottle with its deep and inspirational meaning, which connects our beloved women and tequila! The agave is born from the generosity of the earth and nourished by the weather, the sun, and the water sent by Mother Nature. It’s also the agave that provides us with tequila, the ancestral spirit worthy of the gods. The drink that makes Mexicans worship their women, who inspire their poems and songs, while they enjoy their agave spirit. Meanwhile, under the colorful sky of Jalisco, she gently walks and meditates in between the blue agaves that give rise to our favorite drink – Padre Azul Tequila.

Padre Azul supports the VIFAC non-profit organization

Two things are crucial for our survival: our women and our land. They interact harmoniously and provide us with nutrition and love. Mysterious beings, full of secrets and care. At Padre Azul, we combine the heart of the agave with the dedication of women to create our artisanal tequila, the Mexican essence of life. The team of Padre Azul knows the value of our women, as they are a fundamental part of our success! With our Ramon por Vida foundation, we want to give back a portion of our proceeds to Mexican institutions. Each year we craft a special limited bottle in cooperation with local Mexican artists. Tequila lovers get a unique collectible, and communities in Jalisco get supported. That way, we pay our tribute to the land and the women who gave us so much!

This year we are proud to support the VIFAC non-profit organization, that provides support for pregnant women in vulnerable states. Women in need can seek help at one of their 38 attention centers all over Mexico, including one in the border city of Brownsville, Texas. There, mothers and their newborns get medical and psychological care, as well as food and accommodation – simply everything the duo needs for a proper start into this new and exciting chapter in their lives!

But it’s not only grown-up women who seek help from VIFAC. Frequently young girls get pregnant too early and not on purpose! While they don’t get any support from their families, VIFAC takes care of them. The young mother and her baby can stay at assisted homes, and get the right nutrition but also the proper aftercare with constant check-ups, necessary vitamins, and a lot of lovely attention. Moreover, VIFAC consults mothers on a personal level too. Together, they work on social skills and personal development, assist them in achieving their school certificate, or help them find a new job with diverse job training workshops. Since Mexico is number one in teen pregnancy, VIFAC provides sexual education, so that those young women become aware of this social problem. As you see, by purchasing this year’s Limited Artist Edition Double Barrel Reposado, you don’t only get a tequila that enhances your tequila horizon, but also helps countless women through a vulnerable phase of their lives! 

For more information:

By now you know a lot of the story behind the tequila and might wonder how the tequila itself tastes, right?

How does the Double Barrel Reposado taste?

This year’s limited Artist Edition does not only comprise a unique story and unique design, but also a unique taste! Above all, what is a Double Barrel Reposado? As the name already indicates, the tequila matured in two different barrels, more specifically in two different American oak barrels. First, it aged for 6 months in an ex-Bourbon barrel, then two additional months in another ex-Bourbon barrel to give it that special final touch. The result is 3000 double-aged bottles filled with liquid gold.

The spirit appears in a bright straw yellow color with decent golden glints that make it shine. A medium body fills the bottle. Sweet fruity tones such as peach, yellow apple, and cooked agave are very present in the aromatic profile. Accompanied by a light chocolate flavor and preserved fruits. The barrels influenced the spirit with great woody and caramel nuances. When tasting the tequila, you will love the predominantly cooked agave, as well as the barrel aromas with a woody tone and preserved caramel. Soft chocolate, peach, and apple flavors fill your mouth. All in all, very balanced and harmonious!

How should you enjoy this tequila?

This Double Barrel Reposado is enjoyed best at a temperature between 18°C and 20°C, preferably in a tumbler glass, and by sipping in good company. Allow the spirit to oxygenate for 15 minutes to develop its best aromas. It also goes well with different meat-based dishes. If you’re looking for a good tequila reposado, this is the one you’re looking for – even for non-tequila drinkers!

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